About us

The Committee for Quaternary Research was established in 1964 as the interdisciplinary body. Its activity is focused on studies of the Quaternary within the frames of Earth sciences (geology and physical geography), biology, geoarchaeology, pedology and some aspects of physics. The Committee acts also as the National Committee of the International Union for Quaternary Research (INQUA).

Basic tasks of the Committee for Quaternary Research comprise coordination of Quaternary investigation by the scientists of different disciplines (geology, geography, botany, zoology, archaeology, geochronology, pedology). The committee has internal commissions (5-12) that group around 200 scientists, organize scientific session and conferences, problem schools and workshops. A number of every-year scientific events is from 8 to 14 (altogether over 300). In 1972-1992 the Committee was supported by funds from the Polish Academy of Sciences that enabled initiation and leading a research of the Quaternary in Poland. A positive effect was expressed by development of the geochronological laboratory in Gliwice, making dating of deposits a standard method in this country.